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Tyres are an essential part of any vehicle, and it is widely necessary to have the most suitable tyres to have the best and smooth experience with the vehicles.  If you are looking for the high-performance and reasonable cost of 4×4 tyres, AA West Automotive is the right destination you have to visit in Australia. We offer the 4×4 tyres that can offer enough comfort and superior performance.

Our goal is to deliver incredible service and fulfilling experience for each and every client. With years of experience and skilled technicians, we build a reputation and provide quality tyres for 4×4 vehicles. With lots of development of technology in the automotive industry, we have the skilled team of professionals who update themselves and are passionate to work for the wellness of the vehicles.

Our 4×4 vehicle tyres 

When you are choosing the standard 4×4 tyres, you can expect the premium rugged all-terrain with innovative computer-optimized tread with strengthening sidewalls. It will enhance the off-road traction and durability of the tyres. Further, the thread structure of the circumferential and lateral grooves channels water out from the tyre footprint, and this will protect the tyre and vehicle against the aquaplaning. The intermediate tread block grips the surface of the road and creates a strong contact to reduce the roll resistance. The around shoulder tread blocks are articulated and enhanced ease of handling and off-road traction.

What can you expect from our service? 

  • Guarantee for tyre satisfaction
  • Best price in the market
  • Plan for the long life of the tyre

Warranty for the road hazard 

Are you now in need of reliable, affordable and trustworthy tyres? We at AA West Automotive are waiting here with the wide range of options with the 4×4 vehicle tyres. All the tyres are specially designed to offer road performance and super carrying capacity.

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