All You Need to Know Car Services, the Different Types, and What They Do

Most homes in Australia own at least one car. This is because it is probably the most convenient means of transportation. In fact, driving is so popular here, more than 90% of Australians drive cars on a regular basis. With such a large number of people driving an equally large number of cars, it is easy to see why car maintenance should be held with quite the importance in this region. This is where car services come in. 

What are Car Services?

Also called car maintenance services, car services are a series of services carried out on cars to ensure the longevity of the life span of cars. While different car manufacturers usually specify how frequently their cars need to be serviced, it is expected that one should service his/her car at least once in a year and anytime a fault is noticed. This is where car services in Hawkesbury come in.

Usually, a car service would entail checking to ensure that all the key components of a car are functioning properly and that old or damaged parts are replaced. It also makes sure that fluids that make the car function properly are topped up and replaced when need be. These car services can go a long way in spotting a seemingly small problem before it escalates into something bigger.

Types of Car Services

Depending on how much mileage you cover for the year, there are different types of packages ascribed. These packages could often go by different names, but it is important to know what they mean.

Interim Car Service

Also referred to as bronze or basic car service. This is like an entry-level car service as it is the least offer on the table. This car service is designed for drivers that cover twenty to twenty-five thousand miles in a year or even more, depending on their daily lifestyle and requirements. It is also designed to be done every six months, twice a year. 

This service usually includes checking fluid levels like that of the brake, antifreeze, coolant, and screen wash. The general condition of the engine is also evaluated, to check the state of the filter and plug. Interim car services also involve the checking of lights, batteries, and tyres. The regular time for this service is typically less than two hours, but that also depends on the issues found during the routine check. The more issues found, the longer the car service lasts.

Full Car Service

Also called silver car service, this is an intermediate-level car service that ranks higher than the interim car service. It is recommended to get this done after every twelve thousand miles or the passing of twelve months. It is highly beneficial if you are a driver with not so much mileage and can afford to wait for a year before having your car serviced. 

It involves all the steps in the interim car service and then some more, some of which include accessing coolant levels and hydraulic fluids, ensuring that the cooling systems in your car are working fine, checking the suspension of the car and the shock absorbers, extensive brake inspection, air condition inspection, wheel bearing inspections, and also steering alignments inspection. A typical full car service can span over three hours depending on the shape in which the car is in, and how much fault it has developed before the servicing.

Major Car Service

This type of car service is referred to as the gold or master car service and should be performed at least once every two years. It includes everything that you get in a full car service in addition to changing parts of the car that are starting to show signs of deterioration. Some of the parts that usually need to be changed include the brake fluid and cabin filter. 

It could happen that your brake fluid gathers foreign material over time which could go a long way to stopping the effectiveness of the brake and if left unattended this could pose a serious risk to your car and even your life. Also, the cabin filter could become filled with dust and debris over time which could pose a risk to your health especially if you have any difficulties with breathing. Also, anything that is worn out and needs replacement is also replaced at this point. 

A major car servicing usually takes longer than a full car service. It cannot be exactly said how long it could take because there is a lot of replacement to be done. So it is safe to say that it is over three hours. This is why it is important to schedule an appointment at car service in Hawkesbury to be able to get your car through a major car service.

While you are not legally bound to get your car serviced at any particular time, it is still advisable that you do so regularly as this would ensure that your car does not develop unexpected faults and end up breaking down when you need it. It is no secret that when parts of a car are not maintained regularly these parts end up deteriorating, and this would, in turn, lead to the deterioration of the car as a whole. This often leads to the need to replace or repair the car. And as we all know, repairing is a lot more expensive than servicing; replacing even more so. Carrying out car service in Hawkesbury would save you all that trouble and money.

Before choosing to service your car, however, it is important to contact car service agents in Hawkesbury to find out what car service option works better for you. Because this can be determined by the make of your car, the mileage on the car per year, where you live in relation to the road network, and how often you choose to go for car servicing in a year. 

Benefits from regular car servicing could include:

  • Higher value got on resale as opposed to a car that is not maintained on schedule
  • A more efficient engine which would save you the trouble of having to change it
  • A sharp and very efficient brake that would not put you at risk of an accident
  • Your car will generally be more reliable and you would not stand a risk of being stranded because your car stopped in the middle of nowhere.

Reach out to car service experts in Hawkesbury to schedule a car service today and enjoy a normal life without having to worry about car troubles.

Disclaimer: This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website.

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