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Welcome To AA West Automotive: A Reliable Center For Car Tyre Repair And Replacement

Punctured, flat or the repaired tyres? Such issues in the tyre can happen at any time, but it are more often than not the owners or drivers may experience this is the emergencies situations leading to stressful times and worries. AA West Automotive in Australia understand the hassles and offer the best possible solution promptly to avoid inconveniences with the journey. Tyres are a crucial part of the car that is always in contact with the roads. They ensure that you and the other passengers in the car are safe. It is a necessity to have reliable and durable tyres under the proper condition. Having a prompt and perfect car service Mcgraths Hill can help for a good car life.

Tyre wear indicators

  • All road-going tyres are legally required to follow the Tread Wear Indicators or TWI.
  • For the vehicles that are with Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of 4.5 tones or lesser than that, a tyre must have a proper tread pattern around the circumference at least 1.5 mm deep. The entire surface should come in contact with the road. When this measurement is going less, it becomes illegal to drive the car in Australia.
  • The tread wear indicators are small raised platforms of rubber moulded into the main tread grooves and the tyre shoulders.
  • Once the thread of the tyres is flush with the TMI, it is the indication that the tyre has reached the legal limit and you should approach us for the replacement.

Our tyre repair service

  • The punctured tyre that has to be repaired should always be removed from the wheel to have a complete inspection of it.
  • AA West Automotive ensures that the tyres will be repaired as per the standards and legal norms of Australia.
  • Any penetration causing the hole in the tread area not more than 6mm can be repaired. In case the penetration is more than 6 mm or localized either in the sidewall, bead area or shoulder, the tyre cannot be repaired, and you should opt replacement of tyres Mcgraths Hill.

How do we assist in the roadside tyre replacement?

If you have a breakdown, we help you to have the car tyre replacement easily within three steps.

Step 1: You can visit our website to contact us. We will reach you shortly and dispatch assistance for the current situation.

Step 2: With the industry-leading tools, equipment and skills of our mechanics, we will try to fix the tyre issues in the place. However, it is based on the severity of the situation. When it is not possible, we will bring it to the company and repair it here.

Step 3: With less time taken, we will fix the error and return the vehicle to continue enjoying the lovely drives.

Why should you consider choosing us?

When you have any issues, concerning the car tyres, we will immediately assist you and offer the high-end service irrespective of the place and the time. Other reasons include the following.

  • Specialized service: Our car tyre has been designed specifically for all the models of cars in Australia. Our comprehensive cover will serve across the country.
  • Approved partner: We are licensed, and legally approved partner for the car tyres replace and replacement through Australia. So, you may not worry about any of the legal threats with our service.
  • National reach: you may be in any corner of the country when you approach us, we will reach there to work for you from one of the branches.
  • Car specialties: Having the proper equipment is the key to have a successful car tyre replacement or repairs. So, we have such tools, and all our technicians are thought to work with it.

Visit us for analyzing the car tyre life!

Are you concerned about your life and the life of the people around you? Caring for the car is the crucial thing. Without any delay, you can visit us, the leading service provider for car tyres Windsor. We will help you by monitoring the wellness of the entire tyre. We prevent some unfortunate accidents due to poor maintenance of the tyre. Visit us now to book an appointment!

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