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If you are using the vehicles for multiple purposes, the tyre condition is a vital factor for the performance of the vehicle. You need to choose the right tyre and maintain it periodically to have safe goods travel.

At AA West Automotive, we offer the tyres that are the ideal balance for safety, durability and durability. Our ranges of tyres are specifically designed for enhancing the stability and durability of the commercial vehicles. Our tyres will be suitable for all the seasons and the landscape.  Regardless of the application, we can provide you with tyres that will match the needs of the clients.

What can you expect from our tyres? 

  • Extra sidewall protection for enhanced durability
  • Superior silica base compound
  • Sturdy rib-block design
  • Enhanced braking capability
  • Fast water clearance
  • Superior concerns and handling to make it suitable for different conditions

Why should you specifically choose light truck tyres? 

The tyre is one of the vital components that decide the performance of the vehicle. Based on the utility and several other factors, experts advise different tyres for different vehicles. When it comes to light truck tyre,

  • It needs high inflation pressure when compared to the regular passenger tyres
  • It is designed to face extreme usage that makes them sturdier, capable of bearing heavier loads and stronger.  So, the tyre should have more belt strength, stronger sidewalls piles and more rubber strength.
  • However, not all the brands and manufacturers are considered to offer the best results. Our experienced professionals at AA West Automotive work to spot our right manufacturer and purchase only from these best ones.

So, we are now serving as a reliable partner for all the needs of light truck tyres in Australia. Visit us and let us discuss the needs of the further needs of the tyres.

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