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Repair Clutch And Transmission OF The Car Effective With Us At AA Automotive

Among lots of parts in the vehicles, the clutch and transmission are one of the parts that require more care for the proper functioning of the vehicle. AA West Automotive is one of the leading car services Hawkesbury to work for the wellness of these parts.

Warning signs with clutch and transmission repairs

  • Leaking fluid
  • Hesitating to move to the next gear
  • Jarring transition into next gear
  • A sticking clutch
  • Noise in neutral
  • A slipping clutch
  • Strange noise
  • A hard clutch
  • Delay when going into gear
  • A burning smell
  • Shaking
  • Difficulty in changing gears in cold temperature

Our repair services

AA West Automotive is equipped with high technology engine management scanning equipment to access the vehicle transmission system and identify faults. The entire system will generate codes for the antilock braking system, transmission, airbags and several other systems. As the car develops technically, more sophisticated equipment is now required to carry out a simple task like resetting service lights, rotating the wheels, alignment, etc. All the work is backed, and our team is efficient enough to perform the clutch and transmission repairs without any flaws.

How to check the wellness of the clutch and transmission by yourselves?

  • Ensure that your vehicle is running on the park and the level surface effectively without any hassles
  • Find your transmission dipstick and put it out.
  • If the colour is cherry red and fairly clear, it is considered to be in good condition
  • If you find it to be dark and smelling burnt, there may be issues which require professional assistance.

What we do?

As the professional car service Windsor, our team will make use of the latest tools and equipment to do the following.

  • Draining out the transmission
  • Filters or pans will be completely cleaned and replaced.
  • The new fluid will be added into the material.
  • The leaks will be inspected to check if there are any other issues.
  • Conduct road test to check the shift pattern and ensure it is running smoothly

So, it is now the right time to book an appointment at AA West Automotive for the right functioning of the vehicle parts.

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