Tips And Tricks to Avoid Hefty New Car Service Bills


Have you bought your car recently? You may be annoyed by hefty car bills whenever you visit the car repair service. If your car maintenance hinders your monthly bills, then you need to look for a solution. Maintain your new cars with some tricks to get rid of the hefty bills you are currently facing. Your car comprises components that need proper maintenance like oiling, filtering and some other maintaining aspects. No matter how new the car is, it leads to hefty bills if not maintained properly. Driving too long with a damaged spark plug, turning a deaf ear to squealing brakes and forgetting to change the oil can make an early trip to the mechanic shop. To avoid hefty bills, you need to look for a mechanic for a new car service in Mcgraths Hill. Here are some tips and tricks to avoid hefty bills on your car service.

Keep a check on the new car service manual:
When buying a car, the car service manual is an important guide that helps you stay on the line and save a lot of money. The professionals designed the manual in order to have timely service. This enables you to keep your car in good condition as time goes on. The manual instruct you:

  • The time of service, oil change, brake oil change, filter replacement and much more
  • Also, know how much time they need a replacement and the age of the parts assembled in your car

With the help of instruction, you can get ahead to have a timely car service. Some private servicing stations and dealerships provide you with tempting offers, so don’t get trapped in that. Read the service manual and have a timely service in order to improve the performance of the car.

Regularly change your oil and filter:
In order to protect your engine from complete failure and potential damage, change the oils and filters periodically after a specific kilometer. It protects your car’s engine and helps your vehicle run more smoothly and efficiently. Approach the mechanic shop for new car service at McGraths Hill. Therefore, you can save money on engine repairs and other potential components.

Attend to the cooling system:
Change your coolant once a year where a simple mix of 50-50 coolant and distilled water proportion will help thwart harmful deposits and corrosion from building on a crucial system.

Avoid depleting your battery:
When your car engine is off, it is advisable for you to avoid engaging in activities like recharging cell phones and computers, running the heater and listening to the radio. It could make your battery weak so fast. To restore the battery, it takes a week of normal city driving.

Listen to unusual noises:
As you accelerate and shift gears, listen to your car in all modes of operation. Noises like grinding, knocking, banging and whining are a literal cry for car service. If you experience any of these signs, make sure to have a timely car service.

Timely belt replacement:
It is one of the important parts used to move the shafts in the internal combustion engine. Belt replacement varies from car to car, so refer to the manual for the replacement. Maybe the time of replacement is recommended around 70000 to 80000 miles. If you don’t replace the belt in time, then it may damage the engine severely.

Cars tyres:
It is recommended to keep your car’s recommended tyre pressure so that you can keep your tyre last longer and yield better fuel efficiency. Also, it will improve driving performance. Under-inflated tyres can be dangerous to drive where they blowout. Overinflated tyres reduce tyre depth at the edges, where both will lead to unpredictable and potentially dangerous results. To avoid costly repairs and ensure safety, it is advisable you maintain the tyre pressure.

Wrapping it up:
Consider these tips and tricks to prolong your car’s life span and avoid hefty car bills. Have a regular car service and avoid expensive repairs and unwelcome surprises. Therefore, you can run your car smoothly and can keep it in tip-top condition.

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