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As the vehicles are vital for people to travel from place to place, the tyres are one of the vital components in the vehicle that is always in contact with the road. However, it is one of the overlooked parts when it comes to vehicle maintenance. Tyres wear down over time, but the problem in the vehicle can make them wear or tear fastly, which leads to more expenses and reduced life of the vehicle. Having tyre inspection and maintenance periodically is the best way to prevent these issues.

AA West Automotive is one of the best destinations where you can find the huge collection of tyres for all the vehicles brands and models. Further, we have the well-qualified employees to help with the perfect tyre repair and replacement process.

When should you look for changing the tyres?

If you find the vibration through the steering wheel or the body of the vehicle

  • Decreased handling ability
  • Change in the quality of ride
  • Enhanced stopping distance
  • Screeching noise when you are moving in the corners
  • Steering the wheels off the centre or the vehicle pulling to only one side

What can you expect from our services?

  • We repair the punctured tyres and remove the wheel for the proper inspection.
  • We ensure that the tyre will function based on the tyre rules in Australian standards.
  • Any penetration that results in causing hole in the tread area. This should not be greater than 6mm diameter.
  • If the penetration is greater than 6 mm, and if it is localized in either in some critical areas like the sidewall, bead area of the tyre or shoulder, it is unrepairable. It should be replaced to further ensure the safety of the vehicle.

We at AA West Automotive are here to help you with the best tyre repair and replacement services. Fix an appointment to have the best drives in your vehicles.

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