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You always need to be cautious about the wellness of the car tyre, as it is crucially connected with the safety standard of the vehicle and the legal aspects norms of Australia. The tyre should have perfect pressure and tread width as lack of it will lead to any trouble in operating the vehicle. You may be stranded because of the wear and tear in the tyre. Also, under-inflated or bulged tyres w or uneven tread widths tyres will, unfortunately, lead to fatal cases as well. Only the tyres that are under the proper pressure and even threads will give you better mileage and improve the safety of the entire vehicle.

Lots of tyres Windsor are working to promote the wellness of the tyre and assure safety standards. At AA West Automotive, we are one of the leading service providers who will care for checking the pressure and tread width of the tyre by handling the latest tools and techniques. All of the tyres we work are well balanced and our tyre fitting technicians can save an incredible amount of time with fitting the vehicle tyre. Overall, we take a crucial part in preventing any accidents on the roads, and you can also enjoy more durability of the vehicle tyres.

What type of tyre repair and replacement services can you expect from us?

  • Wheel alignment: having the proper wheel is one of the key aspects where you can maintain the factors to maintain the performance and economy in the tyres. A regular wheel alignment will offer safe, predictable control over the wheels to have smooth and comfortable drives through the vehicle. These days, the modern suspensions will need precise wheel alignment that will be achieved through the modern alignment system. This implies both the front and rear wheel in the vehicle.
  • Fitting: AA West Automotive is one of the specialized ones in the entire tyre fitting in all the models of vehicles. We require the tyres to be removed from the rim and another type of tyre that fits back perfectly for the rim and inflated tyre. We don’t feel anything to be hard as we handle the things with the latest technology and expert team.
  • Puncture repairs: When it comes to tyres of any vehicles, the puncture is one of the common issues the owners and the drivers will feel. This will usually mean removing the entire tyre and sealing the punctured area and fixing it back to the existing space. We assure you to follow the Australian standard to repair the puncture in the tyre.
  • Tyre balancing: Do you feel that the steering wheel is vibrating when you are driving? Do you hear a noisy sound in the steering? Have you rotated the tyre recently? You may be one of the thousands of the vehicle owners who will be in need of wheel balancing. When you are using the unbalancing wheels, it will cause an annoying steering wheel and seat vibrates, and it will tend to fuel consumption.

As the reliable car service McGraths Hill, we will help you to have such services. When you are in need of other services, you can also approach us to have them.

List of vehicle we are expert to deal with

  • Any models of cars in the Australian market
  • SUV tyres
  • Any type of 4*4 tyres
  • Light commercial tyres

Overall, we are almost efficient service providers for all the car tyres Windsor. So, you can approach us to know more about the services you can have from us.

How to take up the tyre repairs?

  • To ensure proper tyre repair, we follow the set of policy, and this includes the following.
  • We remove the tyres from the rim and completely inspect to know the condition of the tyres.
  • We seal the punctures internally and fill the holes to prevent the moisture from entering into the deal belts.
  • During the process of sealing the tyres, whilst on the time either through the tyre or the values is against the above standards of the tyre in the legal norms.
  • Penetrating the minor repairs is not permitted to the shoulder, bead areas of the tyres and the sidewalls.
  • Every passenger tyres will have some allowable maximum and minor repairs up to 6 mm diameter, and we will repair the tyre only till that extent. If it is more than that, we have to replace it completely.
  • When it is the light truck tyres, it will take up to 185mm to 6.50 and have a maximum minor repair of 6 mm.
  • In case of truck tyres, the maximum minor repair will be up to 10mm
  • The tyres may have any many minor repairs or are feasible as long as they do not overlap one on the other.
  • All repairs that are larger than the recommended level or outside of the crown area should be classed as the major repair, and we will advise for the replacement instead of repairing the area.

Approach us now to preserve the wellness of the wheel!

We are one of the leading car service Hawkesbury who is serving in the industry for years. We also have a huge client base who appreciates us as the doctors for their vehicle. Are you now looking for the right destination where you can get your car treated? Visit us at AA West Automotive in Australia! Else, book for an appointment, and we will discuss it shortly.

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